Rx Checker for Healthcare Professionals | Polypharmacy Awareness Tool
RX Checker

Rx Checker for Healthcare Professionals

A polypharmacy awareness tool to help you maximize your care by promoting meaningful patient feedback.

To provide the best possible care, the more feedback from the patient, the better.

When it comes to polypharmacy side effects, there are challenges to this kind of meaningful, proactive feedback. Side effects that could be mitigated often go unreported by patients. They may misattribute the side effects or live with them as “just the way things are.” They may not understand the multiple pages of information that came with their medications (or even read them), or remember what was covered during consultation times.

Rx Checker was designed to address these challenges. It is a polypharmacy awareness tool that focuses not on critical drug interactions, but on the possible cumulative, additive side effects of a patient’s drug menu that could affect their daily quality of life.

Here’s how it works. Simply enter all the drugs (prescription and OTC) that a patient is taking into the online system. It instantly generates a printable report that includes:

Help patients better understand and become more involved in their medication menu.

All this is presented in a common sense manner that is easy for patients to relate to.

You can use Rx Checker reports to:

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