Rx Checker for Nursing Homes | Polypharmacy Awareness Tool
RX Checker

Rx Checker for Nursing Homes

A polypharmacy awareness tool to help you enhance quality of care and ease the burden on your floor staff.

Polypharmacy is an area of increasing concern in nursing homes as patients take more and more medications. Most of the focus in the area of polypharmacy has been on preventing dangerous chemical interactions. Much less attention has been paid to polypharmacy side effects that nursing home patients may live with every day.

Rx Checker is a polypharmacy awareness tool that focuses not on critical drug interactions, but on the possible cumulative, additive side effects of a patient’s drug menu that could affect quality of life.

Here’s how it works. Simply enter all the drugs (prescription and OTC) that a patient is taking into the online system. It instantly generates a printable report that includes:

Unexplained side effects can mean stress, frustration and extra work for staff.

All this is presented in a common sense manner that is easy for patients and caregivers to relate to.

You can use Rx Checker reports to:

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