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RX Checker

Rx Checker for Patients & Caregivers

A side effect awareness tool to help you better understand and feel more in control of your drug menu.

If you or someone you’re caring for (such as an elderly parent), is routinely taking multiple medications for one or more medical conditions, this is called polypharmacy. The list of drugs is called your drug menu.

The more drugs that are added to your menu, the more challenging it is to keep track of the possible side effects, or even what each medication is intended to treat.

Polypharmacy side effects can impact quality of life… but often, people don’t bring them up with their doctor.

Each personalized drug menu may produce its own unique set of side effects. Polypharmacy side effects can also build on each other. A side effect that is occasionally bothersome when taking one drug may be compounded in a polypharmacy menu to the point that it significantly affects quality of life.

In many cases, a medical professional can make adjustments to the drug menu to help alleviate the side effect issue. But often, patients and caregivers don’t bring up the issue.

It can be hard to know the right questions to ask at your appointment or at the pharmacy. Trying to research side effects means going through multiple pages of prescription paperwork for EACH drug, or spending hours looking up each drug individually. Even then, you don’t get a summarized view.

Rx Checker addresses these challenges by showing you the side effects, all in one place, in an easily understandable format.

Rx Checker is a side effect awareness tool that focuses not on critical chemical interactions, but on the potentially additive side effects of a drug menu that could affect quality of life.

It’s the only place where you can get a side-by-side look at your drug menu’s side effects. No one else provides the whole drug menu in this kind of easily relatable, summarized format.

Here’s how it works. Simply enter all the drugs (prescription and OTC) that you or your loved one is taking into the online system. It instantly generates a printable report that includes:

Get a clearer picture of what all your medications do and the potential side effects.

All this is presented in a common sense manner that is easy to relate to.

What can you do with the information?

Rx Checker is designed to help you be involved in your medication menu, and be a strong advocate for yourself or your loved one. Since the report is printable, you can take it with you to your doctor’s appointment or pharmacist.

You’ll have better knowledge to take to your health professional for a more in-depth discussion. Your awareness and feedback can help them determine if there are better alternatives for your situation, that will enhance quality of life to its highest possible level.

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